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Proudly serving our neighbors here in Phoenix, AZ and outlying cities for 15 years, Arizona Fire & Ice Cooling & Heating, Inc is you go-to for any and all HVAC, heating or A/C needs! Providing prompt and superior service since the day we opened our doors, our work ethic can’t be met nor our prices be beat! Call for your free estimate today!


A/C Services -

Having a functional and energy efficient A/C system is crucial to surviving one of our legendary Arizona summers. Your A/C system should adhere to three main standards in order to achieve maximum optimization: system efficiency, balanced power usage, and temperature regulation. Even having one of these necessities below industry idealization can equate to a miserable summer and a broken piggy bank. Routine inspections, repairs or replacements are some of the multitude of A/C services Arizona Fire & Ice Cooling & Heating, Inc offers.


HVAC Services -

Hiring a licensed professional to rectify any of your HVAC problems is not only a recommendation, it’s a necessity. It’s certainly possible to cut corners involving your HVAC system, save a bit of money short-term and hope for the best. However, this approach only postpones the inevitable: eventually you will have to hire out, and it’s quite possible that an entire replacement or new installation is the only feasible solution for your HVAC system. Quite often, Arizona Fire & Ice Cooling & Heating, Inc is not the first company to be hired for a particular HVAC problem that was determined to be too taxing or difficult to remedy. Additionally, this is where Arizona Fire & Ice Cooling & Heating, Inc really shines through by utilizing our vast HVAC experience and modernized methods to solving your HVAC predicament.


Heating Services -

While it is often overlooked, having a serviceable heating unit is essential to your home’s vitality. Old, faulty or outdated heating equipment can not only improperly heat your home, but it imposes a noticeable burden on your utility bills and most importantly, it’s a well founded safety hazard. Chances are that if a heating concern is exposed early enough, a simple repair or part replacement should alleviate any financial or health-related dilemmas. For larger scale jobs, our competitive pricing will ensure you’re getting the best in service and longevity for your heating unit replacement.